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Just as shoes must be fitted to the individual according to foot contour and length for walking comfort, so must chinrests be fitted to each player according to jaw shape and neck height for long-term playing comfort. The Frisch and Denig patented Fitting Process, Fitting Kits, and chinrests allow players to finally find chinrests that work for-rather than against-them. Lifted chinrests are hand crafted by Gary Frisch.

Please find below photos and descriptions of each chinrest shape offered by Frisch and Denig. These chinrests are Brandt, Donaldson, DresdenGordon, Hamburg, Kreisler, Original FleschRondo, Strobel, Teka, and Turner.  As they appear below, they are in non-lifted versions. This link will take you to examples of lifted chinrests.  Click woods used for a description of wood types used for our chinrests.

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The Brandt

Brandt: Back view and front viewThe Brandt chinrest, the most diminutive in size of all of the chinrests
offered by Frisch and Denig, tends to suit players whose faces are at
least slightly V-shaped as seen from the front and who have a bit
of a prominent chin as seen from the side. The Brandt is our best-selling
chinrest fitting 30% of all those fitted by us. The wood here is boxwood. 

The Donaldson 

Donaldson- Back and front viewDonaldson's very prominent "hill" and deep "valley"
appeal to players whose jaws are a long, deep V in shape
and whose chins are prominent.
  The wood here is boxwood.

The Teka

Teka- Back and front viewThe Teka's overall shape appeals to players whose
are somewhat V shaped and whose
chins are rather broad. 
The wood here is ebony.

The Original Flesch
Original Flesch
The Original Flesch appeals to about the
same people 
as the Teka, but to those who
prefer a more exaggerated shape.  It's "hill" is
shorter and rounder, and its "valley" is
deeper. The wood is ebony.


The Gordon

Gordon- Back and front viewThe Gordon chinrest tends to fit those whose
faces are somewhat square from the front and
whose jaw is long. The wood here is boxwood.

The Kreisler

Kreisler- Back and front view The Kreisler is the chinrest described by Paul Rolland
as one suiting people with fleshy, non-protruding chins.
Such people could be described as having a round face and
a chin that is well behind the lower lip. The wood here is rosewood.

The Dresden
Dresden- front and back view
The Dresden appeals to people whose
jaws are fleshier but who need some
contour (a dip) for their left jaw bone. 


The Hamburg

Hamburg- Back and front viewThe Hamburg chinrest tends to suit many people because of its high
but gentle ridge and rather prominent valley. It can be a crossover that fits a number of jaw and chin shapes. The lip that extends
over the tailpiece provides support the chin.

The Turner

Turner- Back and front viewThe Turner is another of the chinrests preferred by those
whose jaws are not extremely angular and who do not have
a particularly receding chin or a particularly prominent chin.
The wood here is ebony.    

The Strobel

Strobel- Back and front viewThe Strobel tends to appeal to those whose jaws are not
particularly long nor angular and who have fleshier jaws.
The wood here is ebony. 

The Rondo

Rondo- Back and front viewDeveoped at the request of Gary Frisch,
this chinrest tends to fit U-shaped jawlines.
The wood is a Brazilian fruitwood only
available with this model.

Brandt- Lifted
A 10 mm lifted Brandt, which is 1/2 centered
and made of boxwood, was crafted by Gary Frisch
 Donaldson- lifted
A 20 mm lifted Donaldson done in rosewood 
with a rosewood lift.  Crafting done by Gary Frisch.
Lifted Teka
A custom-designed ebony Teka with a boxwood lift
and ebony 
foot crafted by Gary Frisch.  
The height of the lift is 15 mm.

Woods Used in Frisch and Denig Chinrests:

Frisch and Denig chinrests are made of boxwood (light brown wood-see Hamburg, Gordon etc. above), ebony (black-see the Dresden etc. above), or rosewood (dark brown with black stripes-see the Kreisler above).

The wood that causes the fewest allergic reactions for those who have sensitive skin is boxwood. Rosewood, despite being quite beautiful, is most often cited for causing allergic reactions in those whose skin is sensitive or who have other skin allergies. In such cases, rosewood is best avoided.

As for weight, boxwood is the lightest (30% the weight of ebony) and ebony, the heaviest.  If weight is a concern, please choose boxwood.

The wood one chooses is typically the same wood as the other fittings (pegs and tailpiece) on the instrument. In other words, if your fittings are boxwood (orange), then you might choose a boxwood chinrest. You will observe, though, in players around you that many people actually do choose other colors. In the end, it is a personal choice.  

Chinrest Hardware and Your Skin:

Recognizing that nickel-plated hardware is a problem for players with sensitive skin, Frisch and Denig can fit your chinrest with hypoallergenic fittings for a slightly greater charge. See the Rondo above for an example of this hardware. Please contact Gary Frisch under Contact Us to arrange for such hardware for your chinrest.

Your Instrument Case and a Frisch and Denig Lifted Chinrest:

Players who have opted for a lifted chinrest of about 20 mm or above will want to be aware that some violin and viola cases will not close because of the height of their new chinrest. This means that the player must be sure to have a case that will accommodate a tall chinrest, make a small modification to their case or, using a chinrest key, put the chinrest on each time before playing and take it off when finished playing. Players who have molded cases (those in the shape of a violin or viola, especially those with the aluminum flange around lid and bottom edge) will not have much leeway to accommodate a lifted chinrest of any height when closing the lid.

Please note: Never force the lid of the case closed. Frisch and Denig take no responsibility for instrument damage due to forcing a case lid closed.

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